Brisbane City Council [BCC] CORRUPTION:
Breaking, Entering and Stealing.



Brisbane City Council Corruption, breaking, entering and stealing, illegal imprisonment, CRUELTY to ANIMALS.
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This is far more serious than Beattie’s Dr DEATH, HEALTH and WATER  debacles. 

Beattie's Lavarch & coy devised the health regulation 200(1) [a regulation, so it did not have to go before parliament] to seem to give the public sector parasites the “right” to have you arrested so they can trespass in your yard AND HOME BUILDING AND STEAL YOUR PROPERTY.   WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THAT WAS DONE TO YOU?   Imagine yourself in that situation as IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU.


YOUR HOME IS NO LONGER YOUR CASTLE, thanks to LAVARCH and Labor.   Don’t just take my word for it.  In Queensland, labor is CORRUPT.   See the “advice” of the Labor hack commissions, at the CMC, the Legal Services Commission and the Information Commissioner [see last sentence 4.25] THAT STUPIDITY WAS DUE TO EITHER CORRUPTION OR INCOMPETENCE  BY ONE  NAMED SUSAN BARKER made 23 May, 2006, where she had sat on that decision for more than a year.  The corrupt Assistant Information Commissioners  who were appointed by this corrupt labor government, tend to sit on the decisions which they know will be corruptly decided by them. The consequence is that, according to Susan Barker's [she's INCOMPETENT on this point: Her opinion is that the Brisbane City Council [BCC] [or any local council or other parasite] can enter your yard AND HOME BUILDING, AND STEAL YOUR PROPERTY.  THEY BROKE AND ENTERED MY HOME BUT THE POLICE COULD NOT CARE LESS; are the POLICE CORRUPT too?  Of course, that advice by the corrupt labor hacks is wrong, [people are supposed to have the protection of the courts – see below where I explain the legal position: I have been fully trained as a lawyer with an LLB]. 

Yes, without court orders the council, or any government bureaucrat who has it in for you, can come and take 30tons of topsoil from your yard and charge you for doing it. [Legally they do need court orders, but, in the corrupt labor state, the Courts and police do not care.]  The Police will support them with false arrest and false imprisonment. All that is needed is a good story.  Forget about the truth.  It is irrelevant that it was breaking the law; both administrative Law and CRIMINAL LAW. That it is against the law is no problem.  That is what happened to me.   I had been working at improving the top soil in my yard for four years.  It was of the quality of high grade potting mix, being mainly organic compost.   I had been mulching my yard diligently for four years. The Brisbane City Council [BCC] decided that they would pick on me [check the webpage about why I am picked on, especially by gutless parasitic lowlife scum like public servants, when I have the time to publish it].  It was illegal discrimination.  Excavator and heap of soilThey even had a bob-cat in to scoop the top 100mm of my soil, plus an excavator, no less, to steal the tons of valuable bobcat and soilcompost, behind a retaining wall [which they found they had to destroy - Hughie's desire??].  I had that compost to improve my yard and to save water. The BCC also stole all my water saving material I had to INSTALL WATER SAVING PROCEDURES.  [THIS IS THE BCC's PERVERSE REASON THAT THEY STOLE MY MATERIAL, EQUIPMENT, AND POSSESSIONS; TO PREVENT ME FROM DOING GOOD THINGS, in the then looming, now present, wateer crisis.] I had all that in my landscaping as I was preparing to make my yard a very productive, and EXTREMELY WATER EFFICIENT vegetable and fruit garden to grow my own food as I am disabled and so very poor.   They had a variety of trucks come to load up different lots of my property I had in my yard. They neatly stacked it in the tray of the small trucks. They had stolen and then sold or gave my property to their mates.  I did not have my property just lying on the ground but rather stacked up on blocks at least 30 cm above the ground as required.

When the home owner fights back through the courts the Supreme Court will dismiss the application and declare that home owner a vexatious litigant.  On both occasions I produced BCC documents by way of affidavit showing conclusively that BCC and their parasites trespassed, stole my property AND HAD THE QUEENSLAND POLICE ASSIST THEM.  [I’ll tell you about the parasite of a cop below. He perjured himself in his affidavit. Other police have since denigrated him to me. Rantala is his name and here’s his photo.]purjuring police Rantala

They are not all corrupt, but enough are and those who are not are merely complicit.  Magistrates refused to allow the Police to convict the home owner after five separate charges were laid. Five false charges - yet the Minister for Police says the Police did nothing wrong, This is because he is working for the bureaucracy and not the voters.

I am FULLY TRAINED as a LAWYER so I will explain the law briefly.   See the Section 160 of the Health Act 1937 attached.  See Sub-Section 2 of Section 160.  It clearly states that I must be given a right to be heard, before they gain the necessary court order.  I was not given a hearing nor did they have a court order. Sub section (2) ensures Natural Justice [aka Due Process and aka Procedural Fairness] to me in that I should have been given notice of a hearing where it was proposed to cause detriment to me.   The Right to be heard is a Common Law right, and does not need to be legislated, but it has been.

What Lavarch and her corrupt cohorts did to try to allow her public sector parasitic labor mates invade peoples homes without court orders [the BCC knew that they needed a court order – see their letter to me and told me in that letter they would apply to the Magistrates Court, THEY KNEW THEY WERE CRIMINAL],  THEY ARE  CERTAIN TO CONTINUE.

,   SO    VOTE THEM OUT.    Anyone  will be better than a corrupt  government  that  has  corrupted our whole legal system.

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