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Jeffrey Ernest John Spender

This will be the home page of the JACWWN.  People in each country who are fighting corruption in their courts, will be able to support and gain support from, all people and groups in other countries who have a similar fight.  Where corruption may be able to squash an anti corruption person or group in one jurisdiction, if the support extends internationally,  it should be far more difficult to defeat any anti-corruption person or group.  

If you believe exposing corrupt judges is the first step towards improving our system of  government and law please join our

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You may like to contact me with the idea of having your jurisdiction's "chapter" represented with a page on this site linked to this page.

My lawyer friend Doug Schafer of Tarcoma, Washington State has exposed a corrupt judge in Washington.  That judge was removed from the bench as a direct result, but then the Washington State Supreme Court, struck Doug off the role of attorneys for six months for exposing the corrupt judge.   See Doug's page.

Our legal system in Australia, USA, Britain, Canada and New Zealand, plus in other jurisdictions, is so prone to corruption, by its very nature.  In fact, our government of the three aspects: executive, parliament/congress, and judiciary is liable to endemic corruption due to our amorphous legal system. 

As an academic, my research interests are directed towards eliminating the scope for corruption in our legal system.   I do not pretend that my motivation is anything grandious. My motivation is self-interest.  This is my way of fighting back against all the scum who have bullied and cheated me my whole life just because I look abnormal and ugly due to a mis-shapen/asymmetric/deformed skull.   On the continium, I guess I am somewhere between very ugly and freak.   I now have a long bushy beard and wear a hat most of the time, even indoors.  Now, I suffer discrimination more for looking like an unkept bum than for my freakish looks.  I have chosen the one that involves me in less work. It has just evolved over time.  Most people in my predicament end up in goal if they fight back or just accept it and shrink away and die a bum on the streets.  I have the luxury of a well above average IQ, which correlates well with intelligence.  My IQ is well above the genius threshhold.

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