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Healthy female "dog" to breed with Parson Russell Terrier, to produce ASSISTANCE DOGS.   Rochedale South QLD 4123
I wish to breed from my Parson Russell Terrier. He is a trained assistance dog. He has a wonderful nature. The breed of his mate could be varied or a cross; eg Parson Russell Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Beagle, Bull Terrier, Bull mastiff, Staffy, and/or Fox Terrier plus many others. She does not need to be "pedigreed". I am very protective of my dogs. She will become very valuable to me and become one of my assistance "dogs". If we can assist each other, please contact me on my contact form, including your email address and your landline phone number so I can phone you to discuss. 

Because I am disabled and have an LLB [so therefore understand the Law surrounding disabilities and assistance dogs] I am now branching out to providing Assistance dogs to disabled persons [even if disabled in only a minor way and so not even realizing it]. This is not a business proposition but rather just a very necessary service I can offer to the community.
Many people have a disability and do not realize their ailment or "problem" is by law, the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) [DDA], classified as a "disability". This is especially so for people getting on in years, and who have a dog, and are maybe moving to accommodation where they are told they cannot take their dog. In a majority of cases, those people cannot be legally forced to surrender their animal/dog.
I will be assisting those person who already have dogs, but are being forced, unlawfully, to dispose of them because maybe they are moving accommodation. I can train your existing dogs to be assistance dogs and provide the documentation as required by the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) [DDA]. I do not intend to charge for this, but just maybe cover some marginal costs.

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The days of the sewerage system are numbered

The days of the sewerage system are numbered.

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It will be only a matter of years [possibly much much sooner] before the sewerage systems of Australia, will have to be shut down permanently.  It is already beginning to show the signs of its demise.  I will explain below, but what then is the point of having big capital intensive "recycling works"?  Recycling should be done but at the houselold level.  This is the logic of biomimicry.  Also consistent with the ideal of biomimicry, and the long run trend of increasing cost of fuel for transportation , is the growing of food crops, fruit and vegetables instead of  water wasting "lawn" [just varieties of weeds] on surburban land.  The organic fertiliser from the composting toilets will be anatural fit for the growing of food crops on surburban land.  Just as the "wealthier" at present pay a gardener to mow and tend their yards, those people will do little different except their gardener will tend fruit and vegetables instead of cultivated weeds.  As well as rotating the crops, I am sure it will be done with a visual design in mind.  

Of course, that solves another costly and unpleasant task: Where to site sewerage outfalls. Sewerage outfalls are a waste of organic nutrients.  That is an economic resource.

My action on the record IN EARLY, 2004, was that Urban reticulated water should be charged at full cost.   That was also the opinion of Council of Australian Governments' Meeting [COAG] 25 June 2004. 

The inevitable demise of the sewerage system.

Apart from the logic of not wasting good drinking water on flushing the toilet, it will be taken out of the government's hands.   As the water flow in the sewers reduces, and PROPORTIONALLY more solids are disposed of in the sewers of the same absolute length, the sewers will block and CEASE TO FLOW.   Do you want to then be still depending on the sewerage system?  Would you like to be at the bottom of a hill when the sewer blocks down stream from you?   Governments are going to have to come to deal with this sooner or later.  I suggest it will be sooner. The Queensland Government is subsidising the recycling of grey water and reduction of water flow in the sewerage system.   As you will see on my composting toilets page composting toilets are already approved by the South Australian Department of Health.   Do you doubt that any council facing water shortage will refuse the installation of a proper composting toilet?  It will become ESSENTIAL  for people to have composting toilets or else have no working toilet at all.  The Executive Government should consider the health ramifications of such an eventuality.

See the Australian Government site on waterless toilets, and my page of suppliers of COMPOSTING TOILETS.
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