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Is Gaylene Vivian another LIAR at BCC?  

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It is becoming apparent that the CULTURE  at Brisbane City Council [BCC] is one of LYING and CHEATING.   The name of Gaylene Vivian first appeared on the SHAMEFUL email sent by that PANICKING GARTH STEVEN DONNELLY viz: [she'll be really happy with our Garth.  Gaylene's emails were in Garth's little stash of emails about me which had not been released to me by FOI but should have been.  bUT CONSIDER: There were AT LEAST FOUR OTHERS IN THIS LITTLE EMAIL CIRCLE/LOOP, and all FIVE copies should have been produced to me be FOI.  NONE WAS. I think it would be a fair bet that when the FOI officer calls for emails, the BCC parasites just go through their emails and "delete" those they would prefer were not released. It is possible to interrogate the server for all "deleted" emails.  Given the history of this matter of the BCC cheating me, the SERVER SHOULD BE INTERROGATED FOR ALL "DELETED" EMAIL.]

Gaylene was in the Urban Transport department of BCC.  The BCC agreed to build a fence on the two street boundary of my home as the BCC had sited a bus stop right alongside my home.  The Queensland Police and The University of Queensland [UQ] BOTH,  have repudiated their responsibilities owed to the community.   The Bus Stop is used predominately by UQ students.   At night, they booze up at the bus stop before going out to nightclubs in town. [THE QUEENSLAND POLICE PERMIT IT TO CONTINUE.  Apparently, the only problem they found they had was my complaints so the POLICE ATTACKED ME. That is easy for them to do when I have my deformed features and look freak-ugly.]  Prior to the new 1.8 metre fence, I had a 60cm timber fence on which they would sit.  That was breaking the fence and often I found them skylarking on the broken fence because they could make it "spring", "Oh, <giggle>, <giggle>, <giggle>"  (??)  Additionally, I had, and still do have, beer bottles thrown and broken in my yard and other rubbish thrown over my fence.   My initail complaints to the local BCC elected councillor Judy Magub [I 'll tell you about her on this site soon.],  received a reply that she would have the BCC rubbish contractor empty the two small bins at the bus stop, once more each week, so rubbish would not "overflow".  would you be surprised to hear that that did nothing to reduce the problems I was facing.  I have watched as one moron walked past an empty bin from near the kerb across to my fence to throw the bottle ove my fence, as though it was the "cool thing to do".  

Anyway, I digress, [that should not happen with .html], back to Gaylene.  In her email immdiately below, SHE ADMITS SHE  TOLD ME REPEATED LIES.  
"I unfortunately took the call.  He wanted to speak to everyone's supervisor - David, Mark, Ken, Michael, etc etc.  OBVIOUSLY NO-ONE AVAILABLE."

I ask, "Why so OBVIOUSLY?"  Did she mean: "Of course, I told him that no-one was available."  Maybe, it was a matter that they all knew that EVERYONE IN BCC  was absent at a SUPERVISORS' conference, then it would be OBVIOUS [to those who knew that] that no-one would be "available"..   Maybe she will be able to explain herself.   Let's assume that there were SIX people, maybe there were more.   Let's calculate some statistical probabilities.  [I am a mathematician with one of my majors in Stats.] Was it just a freak event that no-one was available?   What would be the probability that it was just chance alone, that "no-one was available"? If there were only six for whom I asked, and if we say the chances that, at any point in time, a person is not available [it was then about 11:37am], is say one in four [ie they are not available for one quarter of the time  - or is that working the public sector parasites too hard?], then the probability that all six were absent by chance alone is less than one chance in 4000.   All statistical tests of probability will hold that that is way  too low to have occurred by chance alone.  That means there is something else at play here.  So they were all absent for the same reason, [well not all independent events anyway], or it was a lie.  I will await her explanation with expectation.  She will have had plenty of time to devise an explanation.
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