The EVIDENCE that the Queensland Information Commissioner states that the SOLICITOR  for the Brisbane City Council [BCC] is a LIAR.

The parasitic employees of the BCC had decided that they would gut my yard.  We need look no further than Garth Donnelly and Gaylene Vivian to find a motive. They knew they needed a court order, but did not want to have to argue against me as they did not have a case.  They instead decided on a process whereby they would enter my yard and steal all of my property, break and enter my home/house and steal more of my property, and then if really put to the test, they could just claim, "oh sorr-rry, we must have mad a mistake because we thought the legal opinion we gained meant that we did not have to obtain a court order."

They knew they needed  court order:
I have concealed the identity of the BCC solicitor, [and the barrister who was clearly prepared to do anything to get a quid], because although a real dumb lowlife parasite, I do not wish to detract from the real culprits, the BCC and ALL BCC STAFF, as that is the culture at BCC: they think by cheating others through dishonesty and clandestine action is "being smart", because really they are too dumb to be "smart" in any real way..  The plan of these lowlifes, all along was to say that they had legal opinion that said that a court order was unnecessary.   It appears this solicitor had discussions, nothing in writing, with a barrister to do as required.   Both the BCC and the barrister believed that the legal opinion would attract Legal Profession Privilege [lpp].  In fact, the BCC claimed lpp when I attempted to gain access to it under Freedom of Information [FOI].   

The important words to note here is the last sentenance in the second paragraph which reads, "Council has obtained legal advice  that confirms that your consent to that entry is not required and Council is authorised to do all acts necessary to obtain entry and perform the work."

The Queensland Information Commissioner wrote me a ten page letter dated 23 May. 2006 regarding this matter of the gravamen of  the release to me of the legal opinion.  The BCC had in fact waived privilege [lpp] albeit it unintentionally.  Even BCC "lawyers" are so dumb that they waive the "protection" they already had by lpp without even realising they had.  They were just too cocky about how "smart" they were.

So, as an independant third party, the Queensland Information Commissioner has stated: "The legal advice does not state that the applicant's consent to entry was not required."