Another UQ BULLY: Tilbury - [see her own words].

Ann Tilbury INSTRUCTED  UQ Security to:
The Tilbury bully wanted to see how powerful she was  by being able to cause me suffering.   

Ann Tilbury is the secretary [personal assistant] to the Registrar of UQ, Douglas Porter, [who retired Januaery, 2009].   I have, by FOI, obtained the contemporaneous notes she made of her instructing Security to FORCIBLY SEIZE and IMPOUND MY ASSSTANCE DOGS.   SHE TOOK THIS UPON HERSELF.   At that time Porter, [and hence his secretary Tilbury] had just one month before received my Medical Report from my Therapist stating: "Without the dogs, he would feel bereft, and his life would lack the only positive interactions he seems to have.  He takes them everywhere and provides for their care."  This is a consequence of my brain damage disability.  My disabilities is not a matter of my choice.  What a bitch of a bully is Tilbury.

My dogs are very important to me and are my assistance dogs, and I am legally entitled to take them with me.  In fact I was enttitled to take them into the UQ libraries, but library bully, queen janine [qj], decided that she would make it her mission to make me suffer.   UQ would call the police  who  advised that they did not care what the law was, if the University wanted me off the premises, they would obligue, and they did.  I ADVISED THEM IN WRITING OF THE ACTUAL LAW ON THIS MATTER.      I believe the police are corrupt for multiple reasons.

to FORCIBLY SEIZE and IMPOUND MY ASSSTANCE DOGS.  No doubt, this gave Tilbury the bully [or new name Tilbully] a sense of POWER because she could cause SUFFERING TO A DISABLED PERSON.  Note: she ordered them  to first impound my dogs and then locate me and tell me.   Porter's instructions were that I should be located and required to remove my dogs myself, and if I did not, then they were authorised to impound them and take them to the Vet School at UQ.

Transcription [with additional hyperlinks] appears immediately below.

Telephone Message

22 November 2004


Cheryl Byrnes from the University Librarian's office rang and advised that 2 dogs belonging to Mr Russell Mathews were tied up to bike racks near the glass doors on the south side of the PS&E Library building, near the pedestrian crossing.   The dogs were barking and she asked if the dogs could be removed.  I asked her if Mr Mathews was anywhere around and, having spoken to someone in the Library, she advised that he was on Level 1 where the computers are.

I rang Warren Collyer and asked if the dogs could be taken to the Vet School and if Security could find Mr Mathews and advise him of his dogs' whereabouts.

Will "Tilbully" be the SCAPEGOAT?  She wrongly instructed Collyer.  See Porter's email to Collyer the next day? So will Collyer be the scapegoat?

Millions of Dollars [$x,000,000] CLAIMS LIABILITY
from UQ and
The Anglican Church of Australia.

Due to FRAUD by St John's College [SJC]
on the St Lucia Campus [SLC] of
The University of Queensland [UQ]

There is much CORRUPTION in Australia but the majority of it is concealed. THIS HAS MAJOR CONSEQUENCES FOR AUSTRALIA POLICICALLY ON the WORLD STAGE. Australia attempts to pontificate from the HIGH MORAL GROUND and be the BULLY OF THE PACIFIC”. America [USA – Bush] is attempting to diminish its INTERNATIONAL crimes by seeming to associate with a densizen of the “high moral ground” [Australia], whereas in fact, AUSTRALIA IS RIFE WITH CORRUPTION. The hidden corruption is spread across layers of government, [elected and “public service”], POLICE, [Queensland and Federal], the judiciary, legal profession, EDUCATION, UNIVERSITIES and business. It occurs in many dimensions. Much of the corruption is for the “cover-up” of incompetence, and other corruption. Some members of my “family” have gained some “inspiration” from some of this corruption, utilising corruption in the legal profession and judiciary.          
The www is the ideal medium to present The EVIDENCE of this corruption when that evidence is documented and the statements of others where those statements are public records. I WILL PUBLISH THE FACTUAL EVIDENCE HERE. My purpose with this site is to assemble that evidence and the logical linkage for the UNCHALLENGABLE CONCLUSION. I have special skills in this respect. I am first and foremost a MATHEMATICIAN with maths majors in my BSc and BA. As well, I am fully trained to be admitted as a lawyer. I have practical experience in many courts over many years and as an accountant and tax agent.

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Due to FRAUD by St John's College [SJC]
on the St Lucia Campus [SLC] of
The University of Queensland [UQ]